Typical, really. It's hard enough having to use a urinal in a crowded public bathroom, but once the rest of the bathroom breaks out into an LMFAO medley, you might be stuck there for minutes trying to concentrate. Such was the unfortunate predicament this blue-shirted man found himself in after accidentally stumbling into a song-and-dance number featuring American Idol contestant Todrick Hall and Sing-Off winners Pentatonix, singing an a capella medley of RedFoo and SkyBlu chart-toppers "Sexy and I know It" and "Party Rock Anthem." It's an impressively sung and choreographed number, but all you can do while watching is focus on that poor sap in the blue shirt, wondering why he couldn't have just held it in until he got back to the office.

Waterfalls and thunderstorms, guy. Waterfalls and thunderstorms.