Too, too awesome. When legendary Soul Train host Don Cornelius passed away earlier this week, plenty of fans expressed their condolences, writing tributes short and long to his memory, maybe even dusting off some old Train clips on YouTube. But only the residents of Wicker Park, a neighborhood in Cornelius' hometown Chicago, paid tribute to the man in the most fitting way possible—by calling everyone they knew, and getting themselves a quality Soul Train Line started. There doesn't even appear to be music accompanying—Kristy Kahns, first commenter on the event's Facebook page, suggests that pictures of the line be viewed with Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up (Pt. 1)" playing in the background," always a fine idea—but the spirit of soul is still very much present, especially with this dancer dressed as the hamburglar or something?

In fact, we can't help but wonder if the Grammys are paying attention to this, taking notes for their own inevitable Cornelius tribute. Maybe a line choreographed by Paula Abdul, soundtracked by The Roots, first come first dance for any of the celebrities in attendance? It still probably won't be as cool as this.