The feud between Max from The Wanted and Zayn from One Direction has been escalating for a minute now (two words: "Chlamydia boy"), though until now, we could only guess as to what the beef was actually over. Now, we might have an idea: Zayn's current girlfriend, and fellow X Factor alum Perrie George of UK girl group Little Mix. British teen gossip site Sugarscape reports a source claiming that Max "met Perrie on The Xtra Factor last December and was pretty flirty," and that an ex-girlfriend of his had told Perrie that he though she was "hot." "Zayn doesn't really like him. He thinks he can be a bit arrogant," explains the source.

Wow. BSB and 'N Sync might have had a friendly rivalry back in the day, but as far as we know, Kevin Richardson never macked on Britney Spears while she and JT were an item. This could be the start of something pretty legendary—or it could just be an exaggerated rumor reported by a site not particularly known for its journalistic prowess. Worth monitoring, in any event.

[Oh No They Didn't]