Looks like PETA’s “effect” on Diddy has long worn off.

The animal rights activist group has slammed the rapper for his “ice-cold heart” after he stepped out on a late night post Super Bowl burger run in Harlem Sunday, clad in thousands of dollars worth of dead animals.

Diddy was joined on his fast food foray by Ashanti, who was also sporting fur—with an added touch of dead snake for good measure.

“Whenever someone with so much good fortune and wealth fails to show even the slightest bit of mercy for the animals who are beaten, electrocuted, and skinned alive for fur, it is cause for disgust,” PETA tells Popdust exclusively.

“No fur coat can warm an ice-cold heart. We urge both stars to watch the video here and challenge them to remain unmoved.”

Not surprisingly, it isn’t the first time Diddy’s raised PETA’s heckles—the two have had a number of spats over the years concerning the 44-year-old’s animal sourced attire.

However, it seemed at one point PETA had actually managed to get through to Diddy after they persuaded him to meet with them and showed him graphic video of his clothing victims being drowned, beaten to death and electrocuted.

“PETA has had an effect on me. If you look at a lot of the Sean John stuff, we have gone to faux fur,” he told Blender magazine after the experience.

Well, guess those East Coast freezing cold climes have had an even more profound effect.