Ready to Pop | Petrie & More Soothe Frazzled, Manic Feelings

Also, HOAX, STIIR & Cam Monroe Vow to Comfort Your Heart & Mind


A roundup of essential new tunes aim to squelch unease.

Ready to Pop wrangles unbridled feelings of angst, both inside and out. Musicians of all walks of life have a way of unearthing the hardest things to say, but it's a safe-space that has become the vehicle of taboo topics, from crippling mental health to the spiraling out brought on by heartbreak. Below, check out our latest obsessions, rated on a (slay) scale of "Super Chill" to "Shook" to "Wig Snatched."

Petrie - "Self-Destruct"


London duo Petrie swims in broad strokes in delicately-crafted pools of electronica, adorning chewing bubblegum that stabs before imploding onto itself. Even the trippy drops carry such a swagger that's truly staggering. By the time the grittier production falls away, leaving a stunning falsetto to flitter and flutter in the sunlight, you're so immersed and hooked for life.

Slay Scale: Wig Snatched

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STIIR - "Free Yourself"


Knowing full and well a relationship is about to burst into flames, the indie-rock four-piece basks in the sun-packed and parched rumbling of guitars. The quake sends a chill all over their bodies, and even in their voices, there is something warm and comforting. The flame is fading, but they pay no mind. They slip into the aftereffects with a commanding calm. "Free yourself from me," they coo.

Slay Scale: Super Chill

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HOAX - "Moon Moon Baby"

Devon Bideau

As human beings, we're in a constant state of change. It comes in phases, of course, and for alternative pop group HOAX, whose spiritual trip to India opened the floodgates of their minds, that means being ever-present in their everyday lives. "Moon Moon Baby" is smooth psychedelic-rock of the finest order; melting drums cling to the guitar's chords as an infant reaches for the bottle, hot off the stove.

Slay Scale: Shook

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Cam Monroe - "Letting Go"

Anna Booth

Learning to let go can be one of the biggest lessons we ever learn. "I feel like I'm chasing down the wind," he confesses, over lush guitar, which clammers into a delightful explosion, alongside anthemic drums. His life is on the line, so to speak. He might be scared to death, but he's finally ready and willing to dive headfirst into the unknown.

Slay Scale: Wig Snatched

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