Hey, remember Phillip Phillips? Remarkably, it was only this year that P-Squared triumphed in Season 11 of American Idol, a win largely attributable to a coronation song, "Home," that actually didn't suck—in fact, it was possibly the first original song in Idol history that seemed specifically written for an artist's style, and not just some factory-produced lowest-common denominator ballad that every contestant would sound equally uninspired performing. Unsurprisingly, it gave Phillips the edge over Sanchez in the competition, and had the best first-week sales of any Idol coronation song.

Well, now Phillips and "Home" are back. This will be no surprise to you if you've been watching Gymnastics coverage at the 2012 Summer Olympics, for which "Home" has been the regular soundtrack, inspiring any number of PP-soundtracked Olympic montage videos in its wake. The result has been a sales bump for "Home" that might push its numbers even past its first post-Idol week of availability. The song is currently #1 on iTunes, and Billboard projects it to sell around 200,000 copies this week, probably about enough to get it to the top 20 on the charts proper. (Meanwhile, Sanchez' "Change Nothing" is nowhere to be found. Sorry, Jess.)

Works for us—the song was actually pretty good, and deserved to be a hit outside of the show. Now hopefully they'll use Schoolboy Q's "There He Go" for the badminton coverage or something.