Phillip Phillips Sees Red In His 'Raging Fire' Music Video—Watch Now!

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Phillip Phillips becomes a human canvas in his brand new music video for "Raging Fire," the lead-in to his sophomore effort Behind The Light. The sweeping anthem is the backdrop to the images, which include towering buildings and a giant sidewalk painting.

The singer-songwriter, who will drop the new record on May 19, takes front and center. As he strums his guitar, he is rapidly transported to various locales: a bridge, a street corner, a subway car, a blank white canvas. It all serves to bolster the message of the song: living life. "Hold me close, and I'll surrender to your heart," he sings on the first verse. "You know how to give and how to take. You see every hope I locked away."

Later, he coos, "We live until we die."

As he continues to sing the poignant lyrics, his friends are seen painting around him on the paper. He looks up to the camera, delivering the powerful message. It progresses and finally he is covered in the vibrant red paint, in the middle of a glowing heart. He has become a raging fire, unafraid of the world around him. That's a pretty cool visual.

The new music follows on the platinum heels of his debut The World From The Side Of The Moon, which spawned the hits "Home" and "Gone, Gone, Gone." Despite not being nominated for a Grammy in 2013, he could very well set in motion awards success now. And we could not be more excited!

In case you missed it, the American Idol champ dropped the album's very artistic cover yesterday. See it here.

Don't forget to grab a copy of "Raging Fire" on iTunes now!

Check it out:

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