Photo Booth Fun In Cobra Starship's New "You Make Me Feel..." Video

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With a club scene that includes a random assortment of celebrities from Robin Williams to Elle Creative Director (and star of MTV's late reality show The City, may it rest in peace) how could we not watch? While it's not exactly the guest list we'd expect to see in party-loving Cobra Starship's latest video "You Make Me Feel.." (featuring newcomer Sabi"Sabi), the group is welcome nonetheless. (Williams and his daughter Zelda are friends of Cobra keytarist Victoria Asher, further proof that life is all about connections.) The pal of Britney Spears and frontman Gabe Saporta spend their night partying on opposite sides of club, until a trusty photo leads him to the girl of his dreams (and leads the couple to take more pictures—careful, drunken photoshoots are always a better idea in theory than in practice). A picture's worth a thousand words, or in this case, a picture can let you know what (and who?) you may have done the night before.

"You Make Me Feel..." makes us feel like ____?

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