Lady Gaga has come clean to all those who've questioned whether or not she's been hanging with Lindsay Lohan of late, by posting photographic evidence of their recent sleepover at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont on her Little Monsters site on Friday. We were already disappointed to be left off the guest list from this weirdly wonderful, and much-tweeted about, late-night bonding session; the fact that fur coats and tiaras were involved only makes rejection sting worse. Cucumber jokes and inside @ replies aside, all but two of the shots features a solo LiLo, who's clearly going method on her latest Liz Taylor project, attempting to give her photographer her best Old Hollywood-meets-last-call look of desperation. "I love to stay up late and take pictures of beautiful celebrities," Gaga writes. She also enjoys testing her acting skills opposite Danny Trejo and weighing in on national crises.

Considering she's attracted her fair share of controversy, Gaga doesn't seem worried about losing fans or followers over befriending the girl whose cutlery-heavy photo shoots ignited a national discourse. We're always in favor of pop stars who apologetically own their social media accounts, and we're looking forward to browsing photos from upcoming eclectic Gaga parties in the future. So have at it, world. With these two now spinning in the same orbit, morning after gossip reports will never be boring again.