Refusing to be eclipsed by Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery and the tiny fact that they made it to the American Idol finale and all, "people's favorite" Pia Toscano has also released a new clip today for single "This Time." For her video debut, the pride of Howard Beach manages to find an extension chord long enough to perform with a mic on a low-lit street, before making America's Next Top Model-level sexy poses in the sand and underneath a shady tree. If she's "mad as hell and can't take it no more," we'd expect her to take a cue from her Idol predecessors and take a bat to his car à la Carrie Underwood, or at least headline a rousing live show like Kelly Clarkson. But apparently to Pia, the best revenge is looking hot. Hey, she did finish ninth on Idol and still managed to be one of the first to score her own video. Maybe this mentality works? Count how many times she touches her hair below.