Picture This Premiere Single and Video Ahead of U.S. Tour

While "Dance Away With Me" is earnestly romantic, it is paired to a video featuring raw footage and photos of the Irish band on tour.

People always seem to give Irish musicians the benefit of the doubt.

An ancient, rich legacy of music and a history of oppression and poverty makes even the amateur warbling of some 17-year-old busking a Dublin street corner feel earned and soulful.

Among the more recent capitalizers on this phenomenon are the members of Picture This, a group from Kildare whose debut album went triple platinum in their home country. Having conquered that tiny nation, and earning similar success in the UK, they've set their sights on North America, where they will undertake a 17-city tour in support of their latest full-length album, MDRN LV.

Riding shotgun on Picture This' new album is a video for "Dance Away With Me," which is composed entirely of tour snapshots and videos: there are band members taking naps on dirty carpets; studio rehearsals; shenanigans in the hermetic confines of airplanes; palm tree-lined roads; pensive Irish youth sitting bored in tour vans, and on and on.

"Dance Away With Me" itself, thumping medium tempo, middle-of-the-road rock, is as earnest and wholesome a love ditty as you'd expect from this troupe of talented musicians. Theirs is a winning formula, though, if having booked New York's Irving Plaza (April 30) is any indication. For this and other tour dates go to

Picture This - Dance Away With You

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