Pitbull and Shakira's "Get It Started" sounds like Pitbull and The World (credited as Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer)'s "Give Me Everything" with a completely bonkers vocalist--i.e. Shakira--trying but failing to be a boring hook singer. It's confusing, but in an interesting way.

The video, on the other hand, is interesting, but not confusing at all. Pitbull continues his one-man, multiple-track campaign to make himself into the next Vin Diesel by rescuing a woman who got kidnapped while he was checking her out. 50% of the job consists of using low-tech gadgetry. 25% of the job consists of hanging out in a hotel room rapping. 25% of the job consists of running through every stamp on his passport. Shakira, meanwhile, wears a gold tassel from Michael's.

Meet Toby The Two-Nosed Dog, Cutest Rescue Pup Ever!

Pitbull counts how many designers this room took.

Pitbull, improbably.