Premiere⎯Plaid Brixx's Post-Apocalyptic 'Since You Came' Music Video

Rich, dramatic and captivating.

Alt-pop band Plaid Brixx -- our new go-to here at Popdust -- are evocative, intense and utterly engaging with their just-released self-titled EP. Songs like Don't Look Down and The Greener Side are giving us a knew life, synthetically-produced with a strong sense of urgency and charm. For another standout cut, the moody and alert Since You Came, the three-piece give the song a sci-fi overhaul in the accompanying cinematic music video -- which premieres exclusively today.

In the clip, the band wander a post-apocalyptic world -- forever lost in the desert...that is, until they come across three golden sirens. Or are they simply figments of their deluded imaginations and a result of dehydration? You be the judge. "I think I am more excited to share this video than I have ever been about any music video I've ever made! It is my child -- I came up with the idea, wrote the video treatments, created the characters, and conceptualized the men's costumes," frontman Chris Duggan shares with us about the video, which could very well be a hypnotic episode of The Twilight Zone.

He continues, "It is more to me than a music video at this point, and the fact that it turned out astonishingly well means that I will have a hand in our videos in the future. It's so much more fun and rewarding when you put time and effort into creating the product versus passing off those responsibilities to other people. The whole team was great to work with and I want to give a shout out to everyone on the set, videographer/director Paul Cunningham, my fellow band members, the stylist and the models. I also love the song and I think the video and song work perfectly together."

Duggan's hard work and vision pays off tremendously. Since You Came is striking and of the utmost caliber, and the video sets the stage rather nicely for the group to explode onto the next level. If you haven't yet, check out Plaid Brixx's brand new EP now on iTunes.

Watch below:


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