Wizards of the Coast/Art: Magali Villeneuve

Planeswalkers We Want to See Most in Netflix's "Magic: The Gathering" Anime

Netflix's "Magic: The Gathering" animated series has loads of great Planeswalkers to choose from.

In celebration of Netflix's upcoming Magic: The Gathering anime adaptation, helmed by Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo, we've compiled a list of all our favorite Planeswalkers we want to see come alive onscreen.

After 26 years, Wizards of the Coast's wildly popular card game has built a deep, complex lore through flavor text, card art, and spin-off novels. Alongside their role as in-game trump cards, Planewalkers––powerful beings capable of traveling between the many realms of the multiverse––serve as the focus for much of MTG's lore. Based on the show's first teaser image, we already know Chandra Nalaar, the fire planeswalker from Kaladesh, will be featured. So who's next?

Ajani Goldmane

ajani goldmane Wizards of the Coast/Art: Wayne Reynolds

Ajani is a one-eyed, albino lion man who wields a giant, double-sided blade. If that's not the definition of "things we want to see animated," what is?


Karn Wizards of the Coast/Art: Chase Stone

Karn is a time-traveling golem with an affinity for machines. He's very powerful, capable of controlling all five types of mana, and he also has a very smooth bald head.

Sorin Markov

Wizards of the Coast/Art: Michael Komarck

Sorin is an ancient vampire with a knack for blood magic. He lives a hedonistic lifestyle, but he occasionally and reluctantly involves himself in the going-ons of mortals. He'd be a very fun addition to the show.

Liliana Vess

liliana vess Wizards of the Coast/Art: D. Alexander Gregory

Liliana is a necromancer with a penchant for low-cut dresses. She somehow manages to make death and decay appealing, which is a compliment we're not sure we ever want to give anyone ever again.

Jace Beleren

jace beleren Wizards of the Coast/Art: D. Alexander Gregory

Jace is a mind-sculpting clairvoyant specializing in mental magic. He's kind of like MTG's version of Chris Angel except he's actually talented.

Gideon Jura

gideon jura Wizards of the Coast/Art: Jakub Kasper

Gideon is a natural-born leader, commanding an army of human soldiers and fighting in the name of justice. He's also got very cool sideburns and can make himself invulnerable which is pretty cool too.

Nicol Bolas

nicol bolas Wizards of the Coast/Art: Raymond Swanland

Nicol Bolas is a very evil Elder Dragon, which is like a regular dragon but "elder." He's one of the most prominent villains in MTG lore, so hopefully he'll be ruining some Planeswalkers' days onscreen.

Sarkhan Vol

sarkhan vol Wizards of the Coast/Art: Daarken

Sarkhan Vol is kind of like Daenerys Targaryen, but instead of being a pretty blonde lady, he's a hideous death metal band-looking man. Dude loves dragons, though.


Tamiyo Wizards of the Coast/Art: Eric Deschamps

Tamiyo is one of the most unique Planeswalkers in all of MTG, using stories as a catalyst for magic. She travels the multiverse researching mysteries and studying the moon in pursuit of cosmic truth.


Wizards of the Coast/Art: Magali Villeneuve

Vraska is a gorgon assassin, like if Medusa was also an assassin. That's insane, so they better put her in.

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