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RELEASE RADAR | New Album from High Turnover

Plus new music from Oginalii, Ghostly Kisses, Lauren Rocket, and more

Pour some bubbly and settle in, we planned your weekend playlist for you.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of your top singles, albums, and videos to check out as you head into your weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new stuff from those you already know and love.


TELYKast | "101"

TELYKast is shattering stereotypes when it comes to electronic music. Sandwiched between DJs and computer-based beats, the L.A. trio features instrumentals, expertly mixed vocals, and catchy lyrics in their new single.

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Oginalii | "No Littering"

Oginalii frontwoman Emma Hoeflinger is a rock 'n roll powerhouse--and don't you forget it. "I hope this song can be a reminder to all the beautiful women out there of your inner power," said Hoeflinger.

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Ghostly Kisses | "The City Holds My Heart"

Margaux Sauvé, better known as Ghostly Kisses, draws on her classical violin training for her new single. Heart-wrenching lyrics melt into a dreamy pop melody as two forlorn souls struggle between heart and home.

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Lauren Rocket | "Diamond Nights"

L.A.'s Lauren Willow White's first single as Lauren Rocket puts an '80s spin on otherwise modern synth-pop. "It was influenced by Blondie, and memories of driving across the country," said Rocket." Also what it feels like to be in love in your youth, when everything feels so intense and so permanent."

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Sakr | "Home Again"

Sam Sakr shows off his production prowess in his debut single. "'Home Again' is about the surrender of falling into dark places over and over again," Sakr explained. "The jagged nature of the arrangement and the complex sound design is a sonic projection of how frantic and uneasy my mind moves in those places."

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Anjulie | Hold Me Down

Award-winning songwriter Anjulie takes DIY and makes it her own in the video for her new single, which dropped during the Toronto Film Festival. "I didn't have a budget for a video but I'm super hype on the song so I thought it would be fun to just run through the center of TIFF with a camera," said Anjulie. "No one in the video could hear the audio so I looked even more insane in person than I do with the music."

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WAFIA | I'm Good

Australian pop queen WAFIA is back with a video her single "I'm Good" (previously featured on Release Radar) and takes us on a spin around Highland Park in L.A.--in one continuous shot.

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Lindsay Kay | For the Feminine, by the Feminine

Lindsay Kay's aptly-named debut LP celebrates womanhood in all of its forms. Kay collaborated with strong, powerful people who identify as women throughout the project. "I tried to imagine men recording this music," Kay says, "even men I love working with, and it made me uncomfortable. I needed people who could truly connect with the music on a personal level and would allow me to be completely vulnerable in the studio."

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Mink's Miracle Medicine | Pyramid Theories

"Twang inspired rock 'n roll" group Mink's Miracle Medicine is back with their sophomore album, defying genres and leaving us yearning for more.

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High Turnover | Face Melt

Seattle's High Turnover turns classic folk rock on its head with their latest album, Face Melt. Frontman Alec Estes varies his approach to songwriting and crafts a unique story with each track and keeps raising the bar.

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Allie Delyanis is an award-winning and losing freelance journalist based in New York City. She likes bands, books, breakfast food, and would love to be David Sedaris when she grows up. You can find more of her work on

Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | Kyle Reynolds is “The Real Thing”

October 1 | Brace yourself for the next breakout star

THE MIX | Reaching Inside and Getting Real

10.01.18 | "In my opinion, these are some of the realest songs out right now and I'm so excited to share them with you. These are all songs that make me feel something and inspire me to create more music. With a mixture of genres and voices, I think there's at least something for everyone in this playlist. I hope you find your new favorite artist in this batch of songs."

California-based Kyle Reynolds is on track to be the next big thing. With his pop songs already filling the airwaves and being featured on network television, the singer-songwriter-producer is brimming with talent and passion while his self-reflection and sense of purpose keep him personally grounded as he sets to soar professionally.

His single "The Real Thing," written by Kyle Reynolds and Adam John and produced by Mr. Popular just released September 26. The relationship-based lyrics prove Reynolds is a romantic at heart but knows when a connection can mean even more. He keeps it real, not only through the song's message but in his style and sound, detail and delivery. Catchy and creative, "The Real Thing" is exactly as it's titled. Real and relatable…and one you'll put on "repeat!"

Listen to "The Real Thing" below:

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RELEASE RADAR | Premieres from Memory Keepers, Nora Keyes & The Rococo Jet, Madison Ryan

Plus new music from Jaguar Dreams, Fine Lines, Eoin Glackin, and more

It's Fall — We've got sweaters, decorative gourds, and new music on our mind.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of your top singles, albums, and videos to check out as you head into your weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new stuff from those you already know and love.


Illicit Ghost | "Drunk And Alone"

Brooklyn's Illicit Ghost made a stunning debut with her painfully raw track, "Drunk And Alone." The producer, songwriter, and violinist recorded the track in her bedroom, which is fitting for the sad-drunk millennial anthem.

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Nora Keyes & The Rococo Jet | "Dream Party"

Visual artist and musician Nora Keyes delivers a haunting single that transcends genres. The L.A.-based powerhouse presents what we can only conclude is an indie-rock opera, complete with ethereal vocals and delicate instrumentals.

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Jaguar Dreams | "Behind Those Clothes"

Jaguar Dreams takes DIY to a new level. Their latest single combines infectious beats and a can-do attitude perfect for an evening on the dance floor.

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Mark Edgar Stuart | "Mad At Love"

Mark Edgar Stuart spent years as the go-to bassist for the likes musicians Alvin Youngblood Hart and John Paul Keith before cutting his own record. Our favorite single, "Mad At Love," takes a hard look at love and loss with soul-shattering guitar interludes.

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Memory Keepers | No Distractions

The new video from experimental electronic duo Memory Keepers takes a bold stance on the stigma surrounding pole dancing. The video's star, Zoja Ulesoo, describes it as the ultimate feminist art form. "Sure, it requires grace and sensuality, qualities that have traditionally been relegated to the 'feminine,' she says, "But it also calls for brute strength, a tolerance for physical pain, and a whole lot of confidence--traits we perceive as 'masculine'. Pole pushes the boundaries of what we believe women to be capable of."

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⭐ PREMIERE ⭐ | Madison Ryan | Nobody Else

Madison Ryan's latest video has us wishing we were poolside. The Pennsylvania pop sweetheart's debut EP is as infectious as it is emotionally honest.

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Great Good Fine OK | Touch

Brooklyn synthpop duo Great Good Fine OK has us nostalgic for the future with their latest video. Modern pop and sultry vocals meet Disney Channel's Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

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Eoin Glackin | Fires of Innocence

In his debut album, singer-songwriter Eoin Glackin muses on everything from personal demons to our increasingly polarized political climate. Glackin draws on the likes of Beck and Johnny Cash, creating an infectious pop-rock album with an unmistakable twang.

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Fine Lines | Contact

The debut album from Fine Lines takes southern rock (think Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band) and adds a modern twist--relying not just on vocals, and not just on guitar, but a carefully crafted fusion of the two.

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Allie Delyanis is an award-winning and losing freelance journalist based in New York City. She likes bands, books, breakfast food, and would love to be David Sedaris when she grows up. You can find more of her work on

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