Please, Be My Baby: Wonder Girls' Star Sunye is Pregnant!

Approximately two months after Wonder Girls' Sunye got married and had her final performance with the group, the 23-year-old has now officially confirmed that she's pregnant.

In an official statement released through her Twitter (via allkpop), the Wonder Girls leader said: “I respect all the mothers in the world who have experienced the mysteries and marvels of life..^^ We have been granted a honeymoon baby. I think it’s a suitable time to deliver the news of our baby now that I’m into my 3rd month ^^ Please pray that our baby will be able to grow healthily in my belly!”

Sunye's pregnancy doesn't come as much of a surprise. The Wonder Girls' current hiatus was her doing, with the songstress wanting to take some time out of the group to focus on married life with her Christian missionary husband. However, having a baby on board obviously means that the Wonder Girls won't be getting back together any time soon, if ever. As we all know, a K-pop idol's schedule is relentless and unforgiving, and Sunye doesn't strike us as the type who's going to leave her kid at home with a nanny while she jets across the continent to perform in concerts and sign CDs.

Realistically, if we ever see Wonder Girls back together, it'll probably be like Shinhwa, who went on hiatus for several years before reuniting and making a huge comeback as grown adults.

Anyway, a big congratulations to domestic goddess Sunye and her new life as a wife, mother, and missionary!