Despite her well-known busy schedule, Beyoncé has been keeping details of her future projects under wraps. Most notably information about her fifth album, which has been met with Pentagon-like security measures in hopes of keeping potential collaborations with Hit Boy and Kanye West a secret. Security guards are nice, but it turns out it also pays off to monitor your pals social media activity. Miguel gave members of the BeyHive something to scream abut on Tuesday night with the following tweet and photo:


Could it be? Could this image, second only in awesomeness to ones like this, mean that the Kaleidoscope Dream crooner is penning all-new tracks for Bey's next disc? Does he understand how to really convey the emotions of newfound motherhood? We're hopeful that that's what he's getting at by dropping hints about writing for those born between August 23 and September 22, although we'd settle with Beyoncé delivering her own fierce cover of "Adorn." Even better: "Pussy Is Mine." Gaga did say there would be a "Telephone" sequel and we had a feeling B would end up with the Pussy Wagon.

While Bey is the quintessential Virgo, other potential candidates not captured in the photo could be: Max George of The Wanted, One Direction's Liam Payne and Niall Horan, Pink, Jennifer Hudson and Nick Jonas. Sounds like a phenomenal supergroup.