When Selena Gomez said she was going to "chill on music for a second," the operative phrase was "for a second." Of course it was. Did you really expect Selena Gomez to stop making music now that teenpop acts are actually allowed on the radio? She was always among the better Disney artists; well, she got the best material, at least.

That material came courtesy of producers Toby Gad and Rock Mafia, both of whom produce a lot of Disney stuff and both of whom, Gomez said to MTV, have met with her about her new album (tentatively slated for 2013). So far, so samey. Then there's this other thing Gomez told MTV:

I want to go for producers that probably wouldn't want me to do their songs. I just want to knock on their door. I also want to work with Fun. I want to work with just different styles of music.

Why so dismissive? Fun. had the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100--that's the pop charts, not the rock charts or alternative charts or stuffy snob charts. And they're not above covering Carly Rae Jepsen, someone whose Bieber Number is the same as yours. (The Bieber Number, thanks to Believe's umpteen planned or executed features, is pop's equivalent of the Bacon Number.) And speaking of Bieber, if his album--rivaled only by Miley Cyrus for teenpop stigma--could get Diplo and Hit-Boy (who aren't highly selective, true, but still) there's no reason Gomez's couldn't get a few new producers. We're in favor of it. It'd be interesting. It'd be different. And there's never a shortage of interesting or different music.