Look, we all take pop music a little too seriously some times. Who among us haven't gotten into a Britney vs. Christina fist fight, or gotten kicked out of a bar for stacking the jukebox with 90 minutes' worth of R. Kelly songs, or enraged our parents by getting an Ace of Base tattoo? We've all been there. But sometimes, you just gotta know when to take two steps back. And when you start sending death threats to adolescent pop artists whose music you don't much care for, that's a pretty good sign that it's time to cool off a little.

Rebecca Black has taken heat for her "Friday" song since it first laid siege to the internet a month and a half ago, with those not amused by its musical naivete taking it to task for being inane, amateurish and way too catchy for its own good. All fair points, but nothing in our mind that merits Black a gallows sentence. Some haters apparently disagree, however, as police have had to look into two death threats Black has received. "In essence the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her," said Anaheim Police spokesman Rick Martinez. "We can't validate how serious they are, but we do take it seriously.'

It's hard to imagine that anyone would actually resort to such extreme measures to keep the internet clean of days-of-the-week songs, but then again, assassins have historically had difficulty keeping pop culture separate from real life. For her part, Rebecca ain't running and hiding from no one. "It doesn't scare me," Black said about such threats in a recent E! interview. "They're people that don't know me. They have do to a lot to get a hold of me, and I have a really good support team, and a lot of protection going on, so...I think I'm good."

Still, the Anaheim police plan on pursuing the threats and deducing (and then punishing) their source. "We're going to investigate and determine, number one, the source of the comments, and then based on the investigation determine what intent was and where we go from here," said Martinez. "If we believe they were actually intended as threats we will work toward prosecution." You hear that, internet creeps? Your days are numbered.

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