Pop Music is Just Fine the Way It Is, Kesha

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Pop music is in a pretty good place right now. Sure, it's not perfect—it never is—but we're in an era where at the very least, the most important people all seem to care about being creative and collaborative and doing new shit and interesting shit and (usually, hopefully) moderately enjoyable shit. But now matter how good you have it with pop, there's always some wisenheimer who thinks they can do it better. Enter Ke$ha, part of the current pop renaissance, who explained to the Calgary Herald why her new album was still a few stages away from completion:

I want to take enough time to make sure it’s the reinvention of pop music, That’s the ultimate goal, to reinvent pop music. So I’m planning on taking as much time as I need, but May sounds about right.

Ambitious, but misguided. Not that we doubt that K-Money can destroy every single one of our preconceived notions about pop music and create a new universal standard for what we will from then on know to be the Top 40, but really, David Guetta and Hot Chelle Rae aside, we kinda like where we are right now. Who's to say the Ke$ha era of pop music will be any better? Better the devil you know, we say.