Pop Poll: What Is Your Favorite Song by Lady Gaga?

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Welcome to the third installment of Pop Poll, Popdust's new feature where YOU get to make the decisions!

Here's how it works: Every Friday, we'll ask a music question to you, the fan community. There you vote the comments section of, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #PopPoll. On Monday, we'll make a special prize for the winning song!

This week, we're celebrating an artist who had a very happy 27th birthday this week: What is your favorite Lady Gaga song?

Is it the self-esteem anthem "Born This Way"? Or do you prefer her first hit, "Just Dance"? Or "Telephone," her classic duet with Beyonce? Let us know!

Here's how you can vote:

1: Comment our Facebook page.

2: Tweet us on Twitter, using the hashtag #PopPoll.

3: Write in the comments section below.

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