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Popdust: First Publication to Hire "Chief Meme Officer"

Ben Tomaiuolo to head Meme Department at Popdust

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New York, NY – Popdust announced today that it will be making a historic talent acquisition by naming Ben Tomaiuolo as their first "Chief Meme Officer," representing an embrace of the ever-changing landscape of the internet by keeping track of the latest trends on social media.

"Ben [Tomaiuolo] has a real grasp on what is happening across the internet, and can really capture the zeitgeist of this culture. The more we dig into how we target Millennials, it becomes increasingly apparent that the only way to reach them is through internet memes," says Popdust founder Kevin Fortuna. "We want to be right at the forefront of what's happening on the internet and social media, and be able to tell the story genuinely. [Tomaiuolo] can really capture that, and he's a real trailblazer in the field of memes. This is a historic moment not only for our publication here at Popdust, but also a watershed moment on how we organize all publications to understand the changing nature of our cultural landscape through memes and how important they are to our culture. We are excited to innovate by being the absolute first to introduce this position."

Tomaiuolo will be contributing regularly to Popdust, and shaping content to move on what's hot on the web.

"I'm excited to be here and contribute," said Tomaiuolo. "There is so much of our culture being shaped and captured through internet memes, and it is becoming such a ubiquitous part of how culture is being formed. I'm looking forward to adding my unparalleled expertise to Popdust, and tailoring our content to capture what this generation is really about. Whether it is through 'dat boi' or through something as classic as a 'Rick Roll', we will find and capture the hearts and souls of Millenials across the world. It is an honor to be part of a publication that is willing to push to the cutting edge by designing this position for me and my talents."

Tomaiuolo made his first media appearance as "Chief Meme Officer" on Cheddar Life Thursday afternoon.

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