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Rappers have feelings, too, and there isn't one more in touch with such a wide range of them than Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham. Perhaps it comes from playing the sensitive athlete Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, or being raised by a single mom north of the border. Canadians are just nicer, aren't they? That's what we'd like to believe. Drake filled 2010's Thank Me Later with introspective reflections on women and fame, featuring conflicting sentiments that he's not completely OK with his newfound lifestyle. It's certainly a departure from his mentor Lil Wayne's self-assured bravado and numerous declarations of being "the best rapper alive," and where Weezy sports tattoed tears, Drizzy's got the real thing. We chalked it all up to the nerves of a newcomer, but as we await the release of Take Care we've been privy to more than a few songs from an older, wiser artist, who is not in fact cheerier—see "Marvin's Room," "Trust Issues" and "Club Paradise" for further proof. Forgive us for judging, but a gig on Saturday Night Live, high-profile endorsements and being treated to lap dances by one of the world's hottest pop stars would make us at least crack a smile, but then again, Drake is obviously much deeper than we are.

Which is why Sad Drake is the perfect Halloween costume this year. But it's not all in the downtrodden looks and stray tears! Embodying Toronto's greatest rapper requires specific accessories. Before the 31st, go out and treat yourself to a cozy sweater (the closer to something Bill Cosby would wear, the better), tinted glasses, a pinky ring and any owl-related swag you can find. Walk around your party in a paranoid daze, carrying a Styrofoam cup of pink and purple drank while mumbling "I've had a hard time adjusting to fame" and pledging your allegiance to Young Money and OVOXO. You may not be an instant hit or make any new friends, but you'll maintain artistic integrity. And if you're able to cry on command, even better.

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Illustration by James Jajac

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