Halloween is almost here, and with it comes the anxiety over costume choices and caloric intake. Pop culture costumes always get a rousing response at parties, but you never want to go as something too expected. Rebecca Black? Too obvious. Lady Gaga? Too overdone. A pregnant Beyoncé? Too controversial.

We here at Popdust want to help you get through this holiest of holy days with our very own DIY costume ideas. The first in a series of Halloween-appropriate masks is none other the exhilarating, ethereal and energetic goddess Courtney Stodden. The 17-year-old has been making headlines for her timeless love story, also known as her creepy marriage to 51-year-old Doug Hutchison, but she happens to be an enterprising singer and renowned Twitter personality as well, breaking fashion barriers one pair of booty shorts at a time. You'll be mistaken for the real thing with these luminescent locks and playful and plump pursed lips as seen below. Dressing as Courtney is not only mocking a shell of a person who will go to any lengths for publicity, but our strange culture that continues to give it to her. Timely and a conversation starter!

Simply click, print and cut your way to instant Halloween infamy. And if Courtney Stodden doesn't awaken your holiday spirit, we've got others that will. Be sure to check back every day this week for our newest cut-out costume offering. Happy holidays!

Illustration by James Jajac