Popdust Halloween Masks, Day One: Courtney Stodden

Popdust Halloween Masks, Day Two: The LMFAO Shuffle Bot

Popdust Halloween Masks, Day Three: Kathy Beth Terry

Popdust Halloween Masks, Day Four: Sad Drake

Popdust Halloween Masks, Day Five: Benni Cinkle

Happy Halloween, Popdust readers! We may have toyed with the notion that Lady Gaga's "You and I" alter ego was too obvious, but that was before we realized that denying Stefani Germanotta's inner theater kid who has sniffed too much Aqua Net was like denying our own mass consumption of candy corn and all things pumpkin-flavored from September onward. 'Tis the season, right? With today being the real Halloween, and not some convenient for trick-or-treating or partying faux-holiday, we might as well climb aboard the Gaga Express to ensure that she continues her streak of generating pop culture's most popular and timely costumes. In case you missed it, you can revisit Gaga's snarling John Travolta-by-way-of-Grease male suitor by watching the sprawling video or her now infamous Video Music Awards performance. You can be Jo Calderone by chain smoking, never being without a cold bottled brew and strapping on the mask below, among other things.

Reminder: If you plan on wearing this Jo Calderone mask, or any of the others we've debuted, send us photos! Remember to tweet pictures in your Popdust masks to @popdust with the hashtag #popdusthalloween to participate in our Halloween Costume Contest, for a chance to be featured on our site and win cool prizes.

Illustration by James Jajac