Popdust Premiere: Patrick Stump, "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"

Patrick Stump's "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" is an irresistibly hooky track with a chorus encouraging people to reach their own greatness. What better way to illustrate said message than to present a parade of people (and an adorable dog) showing off their talents like skateboarding, pogo-stick-flipping, and extending their tongues waaaayyy out?

This beautifully shot clip—for the version of "Spotlight" appearing on Stump's new EP Truant Wave, which he's touring behind starting in April—has the same playfulness as his acappella videos, but with a bigger supporting cast (and more people suspended in midair). Stump's attempt to match the cup-flipper mano a mano is particularly impressive, given that were this reporter to attempt the same feat there would probably be brightly colored plastic all over whatever kitchen floor she was standing on.

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