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Popdust Presents | Durieux Wears His Tear-Stained Heart on His Sleeve

The Singer-Songwriter Discusses His Bronx Roots & Classic Style of Music.

Singer-songwriter Bryan Durieux knows where he comes from.

October 3, 2018 | A Bronx native, Durieux takes pride in his heritage and in spreading joy and love in his music. His single "Growing Pains" details growing older and staying connected with long-time friends who are now scattered in very different lives. The separation is overwhelming, but it's a necessary transition. The smoldering ballad, which you'll experience below, taps into the ache of time that we all feel sooner or later.

"We were thick as thieves / But now, things are just...memories," he softly laments. It's a powerful yet simple nugget of wisdom. It serves as an apt reminder of the fleeting and rapid nature of time. "Things won't be the same / Just know that if you need me, I'll be there," he reminds. "Growing Pains" is expected to get a proper digital release in December or early January.

Watch "Growing Pains" | Live & Acoustic

Having cut this teeth on the streets of New York City, Durieux marries classic funkadelic styles with alternative rock and soul music, peppering in a bit of an R&B chill, too. But no one should misunderstand his swagger on camera; he's a gentle giant in every sense. He's charming, down-to-earth, and as talented as they come.

Then, with a hot new track "Are We?" he questions what a budding new romance actually means. "We've been texting back and forth / But I want to see you so much more," he sings. He wears his desires right on his sleeve, and as the song builds to a fevered, sweaty climax, the guitar rumbles in time with his soft growl.

Watch "Are We" | Live & Acoustic

"Are We?" comes on the heels of his previous EP, 2018's "H.I.N.G.E.," featuring his signature vocals in raw form. "For You" is an especially moving performance. Acoustic guitar accompanies his soft vocals, "Hey darling, are you going to keep lying to yourself / You say you want me but you want to find somebody else / Your mind says one thing, but your heart keeps pulling somewhere else...""You don't want me around 'cause you know I won't be of any help," the song continues in exasperation but with a willingness to look past a lover's stubborn nature. The production rises up around his voice and crescendos in a way that comes organically from his inability to hold back any longer. "Are we becoming complacent?" he croons. "I beg to differ / 'Cause I won't find someone like you..."

Watch Durieux's interview above with our Popdust host Desceant, discussing the ups and downs of love, old school soul influence, a rich cultural upbringing, and the stigma of art coming from the Bronx.

So far in his career, he's taken by storm stages like Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, and the iconic Bitter End. He's also performed with Scott Morris' Dean's List Tour for two years and mounted headlining shows on college campuses all across the country. His star is only beginning to burn bright.

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