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Popdust Presents | Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety joined us at Popdust Presents to talk music and perform live

Seeing double?

OCTOBER 25, 2017 -- You're not crazy. This incredibly talented duo are brothers, originally from Maine, that have been making strides in the indie rock scene lately. Their recently released song "Three Thirty" has boasted over 15,000,000 listens thanks to being included on multiple playlists. Their most recent single "Your Favorite Song" is not far behind at 94,000+ streams on Spotify. After hearing them live and listening to their tracks I can tell you this is a testament of the unique qualities and intimacy of their music. There is a very human, visceral feeling to each of their songs. I feel like each tune evokes something really different from listeners but taps into the same level of depth. They strike below the surface.

Their song "Three Thirty" taps into that late night feel when you know you should be sleeping but something is keeping you up. The song recounts several vivid, sweet memories contrasted by the melancholy vibes of the striking lyric "I know that everything changes and people move on. "Your Favorite Song" is lighter, but just as reflective and somber. Eighty Ninety's strength seems to lie in recounting vivid memories in a cinematic tone. As a cinephile, I'm 100% down.

Watch "Three Thirty" | Live & Acoustic

The first thing I wanted to know when I sat down with Eighty Ninety was what pedals they use to create all of those textures that they have in their music. Harper (guitar/production) raved about his Chase Guy Reverb peddle that's ultimately his favorite pedal. Abner (vocals/production) played a Korg for us live but noted that he normally uses a Juno in the studio. The brothers grew up playing music together but didn't do so purposefully until Abner came back to the east coast and joined Harper in NYC after college.

Watch "Fading" | Live & Acoustic

Harper and Abner grew up with Beatles music thanks to their mom being a "Beatles freak," and Tom Petty who is Abner's biggest inspiration. Harper was into more experimental groups like Pavement and Sparkle Pony. The two brought their inspirations together along with their unique talents to create Eighty Ninety as we know it. Abner told us that ironically, when he moved to the West coast for school, was the first time that they started to collaborate on songwriting by sending ideas back and forth. They never thought about working together seriously and treated their collaborations as a pass time. The band itself was born out of one jam session that yielded an amazing song and the rest is history.

Watch "Your Favorite Song" | Live & Acoustic

Harper told me that though they don't have brother telepathy, they definitely grew up with the same terminology and lingo for music and that definitely helps them get ahead in terms of collaborating. This isn't the only way their childhood has been affected their work. Growing up in Maine, they joked that they never wanted to leave the house in the winter, so that naturally led to more practice time. Abner added that a lot of their radio channels in Maine and where they can consume music was outdated and it affected their musical interests. Both NYC transplants, they've been here for a while and love NYC because though it's stressful, you find your tribe which is the best feeling as an artist.

Eighty Ninety have a music video for "Your Favorite Song" coming soon and more releases next year.

Watch "Three Thirty" | Official Video

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify.

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