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PopDust Presents | Yvng Swag (part 1)

Dance > Racism

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So you think you can dance?

Yvng Swag certainly does, and his #FallInLuvChallenge has thousands of fans across the world showing off their moves to his hit single "Fall In Luv." PopDust needed to learn how this 17 year old media mogul gets the people going, so we invited him to our HQ.

"My music feels like release... just has a happy vibe - you can listen in the car and you just show off 32 teeth in your mouth"

- @YvngSwag_

During his visit Yvng Swag told us his story, rising to fame on Vine, helping record labels break their artists, and (with some initial reluctance) launching a music career himself. His personalty is as bright, charming, positive and infectious as his music, so it's not hard to see why people are falling in luv.

Perhaps most admirable is his mission to "end racism" through hip hop dance, realizing it's viability potential to cross genres as act as a catalyst to social change. After the interview, check out his moves on a remix to Jason Aldean's country hit, "Big Green Tractor."

Swag and I covered a ton of bases getting to know each other, so we had to break into a few parts. On the next session, Yvng Swag takes questions from fans on Twitter, talks influences and idols, teaches me the I absolutely cannot dance, and we even get a visit from Nick Cannon!

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-Brent Butler

IG @brentbutlermusic

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