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Popdust Presents | YVNG SWAG (part 2): Trying to teach Brent to dance

Brent Butler attempts to take the #fallInluvchallenge. Spoiler alert: he fails.

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On the last PopDust Presents, we learned how 17-year old Yvng Swag built a multimedia entertainment empire through hip hop dance. As a special Valentine's Day gift to his fans, he released the lyric video to his hit single appropriately titled "Fall In Luv" (CHECK IT OUT HERE!) - a record that's gone super viral thanks to the #fallinluvchallenge, which YS created to encourage his fans to show off their own moves and share their videos.

I claimed during our sit down interview that "I dance to hip hop music all the time," but that I was "too shy" to post it online. Yvng Swag wasn't having that. So, before leaving he made certain that I faced my fears and danced for the internet. It wasn't going to be easy... it wasn't going to be pretty... but Yvng Swag was there to assist by walking me through a few of his signature steps. See the results below...

Gotta give it to Yvng Swag - he has arguably made me into one of the greatest hip hop dancers in NYC (that's a test to see if you've actually watched the video).

The fun with Yvng Swag is not over. Join us next time for the stunning conclusion of PopDust Presents | Yvng Swag, where special guest Nick Cannon joins us on the historic PopDust couch.

Until next time, make sure to follow Yvng Swag on social, download his song, check out the lyric video, share this video to spread my humiliation, and subscribe to PopDust on YouTube. Oh, and THROW SOME SWAG ON IT!


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