Popdust's Holiday Gift Guide, Featuring the Most Regiftable Pop Merch on the Planet

As the growing intensity of pop fandom continues to reveal itself, the merchandise fans choose to show their undying love with becomes even more important. Showing one's allegiance with a modest lunchbox or collection of school supplies simply won't cut it anymore, as true fans are going to great lengths to prove their devotion. If you haven't splurged too much already this holiday season, Popdust has your go-to list of irreverent, pop-centric presents perfect for all the superfans/potential stalkers in your life. Happy shopping!


Justin Bieber toothbrush

Pay extra attention to the molars—the Bieb loves a gal with good cleaning regimen.

Available for purchase at retailers nationwide

One Direction toothbrushes


Two can play at that game, JB. The UK group has both their own line of brushes and toothpaste from Colgate.

Available for purchase at Target

Justin Bieber dental floss

Holiday Gift Guide

It's only a matter of time before 1D will also get to conquer the full oral hygiene market.

Available for purchase at Justin Bieber's Official Store

Katy Perry chapstick

Every bold lip needs a moisturized base.

One Direction nail art

To help keep your favorite boy band at your fingertips.

Available for purchase on eBay


Justin Bieber soap


There will be one less lonely girl after you bring the Bieb that much closer, thanks to this homemade glycerin bar.

Available for purchase on Etsy

One Direction body pillowcases

For those extra-cold winter nights when not even Liam's falsetto can keep you warm.

Available for purchase on eBay

One Direction "Mrs." bracelets

Helpful when the recipient is jammed in a crowd of grabby Directioners vying for the group's attention.

Available for purchase on eBay

Skrillex dubstep love necklace


The natural next step after going full-throttle with the Sonny haircut.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Taylor Swift blanket

Great to curl up in when you're enjoying a nice fire and reminiscing about all the breakfast at midnight you used to eat.

Available for purchase at Walgreens

Drake puzzle

Aubrey Graham is a complex man, and one you can get to know better by literally piecing him together across your living room floor.

Available for purchase on CafePress

Justin Bieber snow globe

Holiday Gift Guide

Wish for eternal happiness with the Bieb in a quaint Canadian abode, shake it up, keep believing—you know the drill.

Available for purchase at Justin Bieber's Official Store

Zayn Malik socks

Holiday Gift Guide

Take the next step in your relationship with the Bradford Bad Boy in these cozy airbrush slip-ons.

Available for purchase on eBay

Team Minaj water bottle

Holiday Gift Guide

Considering how many fights Nicki Minaj has gotten herself into this year, she'll be happy to have someone on her side. Doing so will likely take a lot out of you, so it's best to stay hydrated.

Available for purchase at CafePress

Drake slippers

Get an understanding for Drizzy's playboy lifestyle with these luxurious fuzzy booties adorned with Aubrey's face.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Lil Wayne condoms

Who else would you want to be thinking about whe doing the deed?

Available for purchase at Strapped

Big Sean baby outfit

If the aforementioned rubbers don't do the trick, this is the perfect onesie to help your newborn learn to speak (in nonsensical ass-related terms only, natch).

Available for purchase at CafePress

Rihanna nesting dolls


Why choose a favorite RiRi look when you can take five different ones with you wherever you go?

Available for purchase on Etsy

Harry Styles figurine

Holiday Gift Guide  

Another pocket-sized tribute, perfect for toting around on an upcoming North American tour...

Available for purchase on Etsy


Lady Gaga's meat dress*

Holiday Gift Guide  

Good news: No animals were hurt in the making of this replica and you won't be followed around by a fleshy stench wherever you go.

*Female model not included

Available for purchase on Etsy

Katy Perry's cupcake bra

Holiday Gift Guide  

Real cake might get stale, but lingerie cake lasts forever.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Lady Gaga Body Beadz

Shine bright like a monster with these Stefani-approved jewels. (No word if they're conflict-free.)

Available for purchase at the Lady Gaga Official Store

Maybach Music pendant

Rick Ross keeps expanding his roster, and you’ll be ready for your big break with this hanging from your necklace.

Available for purchase on Amazon

Beyoncé wig

Hairography wouldn't be complete without it.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Miley Cyrus memoir

No matter what kind of star you hope to become, it helps to be well-versed in how to transition from Disney princess to prime-time crotch-grabber.

Available for purchase on Amazon

LMFAO's shoes


Shuffling in style AND comfort.

Available for purchase on Etsy

"Our Divine Savior St. Kanye" candle

Holiday Gift Guide

Yeezy's actions make more sense when you accept that they come from a higher power. Experience what goes on inside his brain by burning this nightly.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Rihanna mask

Holiday Gift Guide  

Yes, but can you pull off the accent, too?

Available for purchase on Etsy

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