Popdust’s New Feature—Douche Of The Day—Meet Our Very Worthy First Candidate

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Douches.

Popdust believes these very unique individuals are worthy of our attention and recognition, hence our new regular feature—Douche of the Day.

A Douche is a dime a dozen these days, especially if you live in Williamsburg New York, apparently.

But a seasoned Douche Aficionado™ will be fussy about giving full Douche points to just any hipster with a dumb piercing and tattoo.

Here is what I call a top-shelf Douche.

Let's appreciate all his effort:

The nose-ring, the ear-plug, the short in the back, long in front hairdo, the sullen expression, the neck tattoo, the clavicle tattoo, the gratuitous jewelry.

I like to think he's wearing droopy jeans with his boxers showing. The only thing that keeps him from being a full ten-pointer Douche is his lack of facial hair, a baffling omission, I must say.

Did you enjoy our first Douche of the Day™?

Check back on Popdust tomorrow for another great specimen!

In the meantime speak up wanna-be-Douche Aficionados™—vote below to have your voice heard.

Monday's Pick—Total Douche Or Just A Dude?

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