Proving once again that those high school scars from repeatedly landing roles in the chorus instead of a lead never heal quickly, Poppy Chaos, Lady Gaga's faux childhood frenemy and former classmate, has finally decided she's spent too much time in the shadow of Stefani Germanotta. An artist as well, the emerging talent has chosen single "Strange Objects (I Can Wear It)" to announce her presence to the world, a song built on the multitude of groundbreaking wardrobe choices she is brave enough to make everyday, which trump any of Gaga's most shocking looks. That meat dress? Whatever, Poppy wears sporks. Nipple tape? Poppy's down with lipstick...everywhere but her lips. As well as fusilli, soap dishes and Marxism! Protruding facial bones don't seem like such a big deal now, huh?

The video gives us her best Mother Monster impression, with her longing looks out of an NYC window, to the horde of leather-clad female dancers backing her up in an abandoned warehouse. Poppy might need to work on her upper body strength, but Gaga should feel the heat from this newbie coming on strong. Join us in welcoming Poppy—or Countess Chaos? Pappy Poppy? She should get started on a nickname—by watching the spoof video below.