Possible Drama Between Jay-Z and Kanye West on "Watch the Throne" Tour


Two super-famous rappers with stadium-sized egos and ridiculous creative ambitions aren't getting along as they plan their tour of world domination? Yeah, we couldn't believe it either, but sources now say that there's trouble in paradise with Jay-Z and Kanye West as they prepare the Watch the Throne tour. Now this is the New York Post quoting, and anonymous sources being quoted, so take all revelations here with the requisite grain of salt, but said sources say that Kanye's ludicrous production demands on the tour, said to be running the duo over 400k a show, are starting to wear on Jay. "Jay is a stone-cold businessman," says the insider. "He wants to recoup all of his money from Live Nation. But Kanye wants to upstage rock stars with a blowout show. He doesn't care about costs. He has a lot less to gain from the shows."

Backing up the anonymous claims of backstage beefing is the cited fact that both Jay and Kanye appeared at a recent Young Jeezy concert in New York, but did not perform together as many expected. "We were expecting them to come out together to perform a track from the album," a source told the Post "They didn't even go out together after the show." Circumstantial evidence, sure, and we don't know any of this for a fact yet, but considering how sour things went the last time the Jiggaman teamed up with a fellow superstar for a world tour, and considering that 'Yeezy might be a mite more difficult a creative partner than R. Kelly, we can't say we'd be terribly surprised if this turned out to be true. Let's hope professionalism wins out here between the two, though—we'd be pretty bummed if the tour never made it to its dates in the larger New York area.