Potential Facebook Friends Beware: Greyson Chance Will "Unfriend You"

It's been a rough week for relationships here at Popdust, given the displays of heartbreak, infidelity and drunken attempts at winning exes back we've seen in new videos. Greyson Chance becomes the latest (and youngest) lover looking to move on after a break-up in new clip for "Unfriend You," going about things in a much more age-appropriate way: shunning her via social media. You see, after this pink-haired, sexy bunny (nice one, G!) broke his heart, she begins flaunting her new relationship both in his face and all over the Internet. Poor Greyson looks for support from his friends and comfort in competitive games of ping pong. But before you think he's going to go the way of Drizzy and self-medicate with one too many Diet Cokes (or something called Flav?) he turns to music, which is that only thing that helps him express his feelings (especially when in the company of pretty girls). Unrelated: The single greatest highlight from the video can be found in this text: "Bro! We're all at my house. Come Hang!" Bros over hoes, always.

The song's title and message are certainly relevant to 2011, speaking directly to the overly connected world in which we live. (Changing your relationship status to either the pleasure of sadness of your many "friends" is almost as bad as the break-up itself, which leads us to climb atop our soapbox and speak to today's youth: Don't go Facebook official! It never ends well.) But in a sea of similarly technologically-inspired songs, our favorite being "Bug A Boo" (R.I.P. pagers), what's the life expectancy for a song rooted in Mark Zuckerberg terminology? JT is already bringing MySpace back, so—gasp—will our eventual grandchildren be asking us what the heck something called Facebook was one day? That is not a world we want to think about.

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