Potential Song Of The Summer Alert: Betty Who's 'Heartbreak Dream'

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Burgeoning Aussie pop diva Betty Who blew into public consciousness last year when a video of a gay couple getting engaged through an elaborate flash mob at the Salt Lake City Home Depot to her song "Somebody Loves You" went viral. Whether or not the proposal was genuine or just a brilliant marketing stunt orchestrated by the 22-year-old's label doesn't really matter; Betty Who, with her unabashed love of blockbuster girl-pop, is a breath of fresh air in a time when every new female artist is a hipster built on tumblr notes and '90s nostalgia clichés.

On her second single, "Heartbreak Dream," Betty wears her pop queen ambitions on her sleeve with one of the genre's most tried and tested formulas: melancholy lyrics swathed in impossibly upbeat production. She goes all out, thundering through with the girly gusto of Debbie Gibson as sparkling synths rain down and Tedder-esque drums crash like tidal waves. It's a classic radio jaunt, as if Betty studied '80s icons like Tiffany and Cyndi Lauper in her spiral notebook before hitting the recording booth.

"Heartbreak Dream" has summer smash doodled all over it, but whether or not Betty's potential will turn into something tangible remains to be seen. But hey, if fellow Aussie expat Iggy Azalea can become a thing, then surely Betty can too?

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