RECAP | Power, Season 4, Episode 1: "When I Get Out"

TV| Ghost is in jail, Dre is taking over, and Tariq still needs to be home schooled. Plus, exclusive pictures from the new season.

They say it's a big rich toooownnn. I just come from the pooooor-est paaaart. Legal or illegal baby I gotta make it.

Editor's Note: (Spoiler alert, there are spoilers. It's a recap) So yeah. Don't read the recap before watching unless you want to know what happens. K? K.

Have you ever in your life been so happy to hear a theme song,ever? The 50 Cent hit has to be one of the top theme songs in the last 30 years (makes note to make a list in the morning). Did you watch it with you significant other, alone, your friends, your family, or with millions of others while on twitter? Felt good didn't it? Sundays are back! Now where do we start?

Ghost Goes To Jail

Last season we left off with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) being arrested by Angela (Lela Loren) in his club,Truth, for the murder of nemesis, Angela's ex boyfriend, and Federal Agent Greg Knox. The arresting officer? Angela of course, hurt, confused, and vengeful. Evidence? Ghost left his fingerprints on the windowsill when leaving the apartment while snooping the same night as his murder. Now we know Ghost is wrongfully accused, but we also know he's done s o much and needs a timeout. It's like that cousin who goes to jail when he's really spiraling, maybe some time to sit down and think will do him well.

The face of two men who know it's about to be a bumpy ride. (Photo Courtesy of Starz)

Kanan is Dead

That's what Tommy (Joseph Sikora) assures Tasha (Naturi Naughton) when Tariq goes missing and her motherly instincts tell her that the ransom note could be connected to their past. Kanan (50 Cent) may be dead but Slim is alive, well, and filling Tariq up with resentment for his father and lean. Kanan's cousin, the 7D, Washington, D.C. police officer is still in the apartment, putting on her police uniform and demanding that Kanan make sure she gets her "Tariq payments". This confuses me because who wants to take that 3 hour 25 minute ride down the highway while being a criminal as often as she does, but she says the uniform will protect her, and according to the headlines, she's correct. Anyway, Kanan decides the new way to hurt the St. Patrick clan is to get Dre (Rotimi) to pay him an exuberant amount of money a month to keep the only St. Patrick son alive while ensuring that Tariq grows to hate Ghost as much as he does. A son for a son, I guess.

Surprise! Lala Anthony as Keisha on Season 4 of Power (Photo Courtesy of Starz)

LaKeisha Gets off Punishment

I had a feeling LaKeisha (Lala Anthony) wasn't dead. I thought they would send her upstairs like they did Judy in Family Matters, with the option of bringing her back down at the right time. The right time came sooner than later, and Keisha is indebted to Tommy for saving her life and not killing her as Milan instructed. We see there's something brewing there, resentment towards Tasha, feelings for Tommy. Either way, this has mess written all over it, and we are pregnant with expectation of the drama.

The Dream Team of Ghost's worst nightmare? (Photo Courtesy of Starz)

He Was Sleeping in Here?

Words that your mistress probably shouldn't ask your wife while serving a search warrant in front of your children when she sees your office was converted to the dog house, but we're here now. To her credit, Angela displayed more professionalism than anger when dealing with Tasha, advising her to call Proctor, Ghost's lawyer, but Tasha is not ready to take her husband's mistress into the scorned woman's club, yet. I have a feeling that this will be an angle Angela will try to work all season, as this case has high stakes for her professionally and personally. All she wants is for Ghost to pay for the hurt he's caused, and wholeheartedly believes the murder of Greg Knox is a part of that hurt.

Arrogant men are my thing so I'm here for this. (Photo Courtesy of Starz)

I'd say it's nice to see you, but I'd be lying

John Mak (Sung Kang) wears tailored suits, love the spotlight, and hates Proctor. He is most certainly a welcome addition to the cast, though we know this means trouble for Ghost and Tasha. Hubris is his double edged sword, his attraction and his flaw, so he is sure to drop the ball a couple of times, giving Ghost a chance at Freedom.

Ghost is powerless (Photo Courtesy of Starz)

Night, Night:

Ghost is not getting released on bail, because, duh, he's being charged with murdering a federal agent. Everyone looks shocked when this ruling is delivered, including Agent Knox's real murderer, who is safely planting seeds, and if that gun he didn't throw away in the beginning of the episode is a clue, evidence, along the way.

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