Elizabeth Woolridge Grant—aka Lana Del Rey—turns 27 today. You may know the scarlet-maned "Video Games" singer from from such infamous SNL appearances as this, such naked spreads as this, and such insane rumored relationships as this. Or for her permanent duck face.

Though occasionally referred to as a "hack," Lana's contribution to the Jay-Z helmed soundtrack for The Great Gatsby might have been the best. Del Rey is perfectly suited to the listless, forlorn tone of "Young and Beautiful," because she always appears listless, forlorn, young, and beautiful.

The fearless Nate Jones beautifully imagined what poor Lana might look like during today's birthday festivities. After all, she is only getting less young...less beautiful... (But we still love her.)

Happy Solemn Birthday, Lana.

Cue this up to enhance your viewing experience:

So sad.


Wow. Sad.


That girl right there? She's sad.


Sadness personified.




When, oh when, will this sadness end?