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Premiere: Divino Niño's Psych-Pop 'Santa Baby' Reinvents Christmas Classic

The rising psych-rockers put a psychedelic, surf-y twist on the iconic song.

Chicago-based indie band Divino Niño has been making waves on the scene with their psych-inspired, dreamy sound. The band's recent experimentation with reverb and looping sounds on their sophomore LP, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes isn't the kind of sound one might associate with Christmas music. Regardless, their knack for thinking outside the box and expanding their sound has bled into their most recent release: a relaxed, almost surf-pop cover of Christmas classic "Santa Baby."

In line with the relaxed music on their second album, the cover features hushed, warbled vocals that, near the end, get overlaid on top of one another, creating a miniature wall-of-sound effect that adds a dimension to the track. All of this framed by their immediately identifiable, relaxed rhythm, as deliciously off-kilter as it's been since Sexyfornia. Like any good Christmas song there is, of course, a bell breakdown that brings to mind a lumbersexual Santa coming down the chimney. As tired as every single person is of "Santa Baby" covers, the atmosphere created here, equal parts surf-pop and psych-rock, is perfect for anyone looking to add new tracks to a Christmas playlist, or anyone spending the holidays in Bushwick.

On creating the tune, the band references the year 2016: "[this year] has been kind of fucked up, so we thought of closing the year with a gentle Christmas cover to get ourselves in a chill mentality for the new year." Needless to say, we should all follow their example. Pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and jam out to this sweet, alternative Christmas jam.

Listen to Divino Niño's Santa Baby below.

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