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Premiere: "Run For Your Life" with The Wild Now

Pineapples, magic fish, and breezy indie pop

The Wild Now is a hot new indie band and (a big proponent of pineapples.)

Rising indie band The Wild Now is picking up speed: the duo, made up of Taylor Baker and Drew Walker, already have an EP, last year's excellent Tides, under their belt. Since growing a following, the band is slated to play their first official SXSW show at this year's festival, and are releasing a new EP entitled Afterglow on May 19th. Appropriately enough, the band's aesthetic and sound is perfect for the summer: The Wild Now's specific brand of indie pop feels like the kind of thing one would blast on a particularly sunny beach day—margarita in one hand, boombox in the other—as the tide rushes in. Today, Popdust is premiering the video for their Afterglow EP's first single, the punchy, effervescently chill "Run For Your Life."

Starting out with an overpowering guitar line and an epic outer space shot, the stage is set for a journey that's as cosmic as it is tropical. The imagery stuffed in the video comes from a lot of different places, from mermaid mythology to the outer reaches of space and the depths of the sea where pineapples outnumber fish. The fashion reflects this delightful mishmash and shows off Baker's vocal chops as well as her ability to vamp across the screen, from the sheer metallic gowns and visors to the interpolations of trees and plant imagery on her skin. She welcomes you to "ride the ocean tide," and you can't help but want to give in.

Not short on animals or cameos, the pair's beloved dog, Basil, makes an appearance, rocking a pair of sparkly sunglasses. At the end, a bald man with a large tattoo on the back of his head, depicted in the video as some kind of mystical river guardian, releases what would seem to be stardust into the sky, spelling out the band's name as the video ends.

The campy, sometimes nonsensical aspects of the video would almost feel out of place were they not so perfectly tied together by the song itself. The bass is incredibly sensual, framing Baker's voice along with the electric guitar, picked and strummed into a kind of galactic euphoria in conjunction with the vocals and the powerful imagery. If you're going to run for your life, you my as well head out into space with The Wild Now.

Follow The Wild Now on Facebook and Twitter. Watch "Run For Your Life" below.

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