Unsigned artist's "Brooklyn Christmas Eve" is Your New Punk Christmas Anthem!

"Frozen solid as we wait for the J on the platform"

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The Butler did it! Brooklyn-based Brent Butler refuses to be boxed in (or gift-wrapped). After releasing a rap opera this past summer (see “The Cold Press"), the self-proclaimed “#ZackMorrisofRap" comes out of left field with a punk rock, sucker-punch-of-a-Christmas anthem that will go down in history as one of the best Christmas songs ever.


One-upping the fat man in red, Butler delivers his musical presents (get it? it's a play on words with presence) today, on the eve of Christmas eve! Early listeners are calling it a cross between The Pogues and Green Day; both major influences for Butler, who makes a direct reference to the former with lyrics “'Fairytale of New York' on replay, the next round I dedicate to Shane." It's a new-generation "Father Christmas" by The Kinks (my favorite Christmas song of all time). An exclusive Popdust source claims this record may be a preview of what's to come on Butler's debut LP, with rumored contributions from esteemed singer/songwriter Joey Fortuna. Hide your kids, hide your wife, and click that orange button

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and CLICK THAT ORANGE BUTTON to give Brent Butler's edgy Yuletide punk single “Brooklyn Christmas Eve" a listen.

Pro tip: This track pairs well with Jameson!

Brent Butler is an American rapper/singer/songwriter and producer based out of NYC. His teen years fronting punk-rock bands in South Jersey gave birth to his eclectic and unorthodox approach to hip-hop, rock, and pop. Dubbed the #ZackMorrisofRap and #DavidBowieofHipHop, Butler continues to wield a guitar and shred solos while going toe-to-toe with the finest in underground rap today.

This past summer, Brent released a concept album with Bronx-born rapper Deascent, titled The Cold Press (see above). The artists have dedicated proceeds of singles from the independently produced album to the Robin Hood Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty in NYC. Underground hip-hop blogs have deemed the album a hiphopera given its likeness to classic, concept-rock operas such as Tommy and American Idiot while delivering the bar-for-bar lyricism of Watch The Throne.

Brent Butler x Deascent are currently touring the east coast in support of their album while also working on new solo projects, due this spring.

To keep up to date on Brent Butler's upcoming projects, check him out on SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify. Follow Brent Butler on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brent is also a talented actor and one of the stars of the hit indie feature Hellaware.