Premiere—Bullet & Snowfox Battle A Poltergeist In 'The Heart' Music Video

Kristen Wagner, of alt-pop band Bullet & Snowfox, battles a deadly force in the group's creepy new The Heart music video. As a metaphor for a lost love, the vocalist is "tormented by the ghost of a lover" she can't escape, she tells Popdust of the clip (which exclusively premieres below). "This shoot was the most physically grueling two days of my life. I went home with a hematoma on my leg and shards of glass in my feet. There was nothing glamorous about it."

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Wagner finds herself trapped in her house and unexplainable phantoms rip through each room like a tornado, blasting apart glass fixtures with fury. The video is as extensive and demanding as it looks. She explains more, "This is as raw as it gets. The shoot itself is completely reflective of the entire video concept and subject matter of the song. The song centers on the pain of wanting someone you love, who for whatever reason, at that moment you can't have. Love hurts, it's hard, it's frightening and sometimes we want things that can destroy us. Then you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? For me, the answer is always yes."

The Heart is a sampling of the band's wildly vivid and '80s-fueled Operator EP.


Watch the video now:

Grab a copy of the band's latest Operator EP now on iTunes.

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