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Much like Lana Del Rey, Kendra Erika's style and vocal finesse mirrors that of old school Hollywood, from a time when the mystique of celebrities and their private lives was only witnessed through the lens of bright lights and dark nights. Erika, whose debut video is premiering below, taps into her admiration of James Bond and the American Hustle way. Miami Love, filmed with South Beach as the backdrop, is a dangerous, thrilling and undeniably charming escapade. "I am so excited to release my new song 'Miami Love,' a dramatic yet playful video," she shares with Popdust.

"It's about nightlife in Miami, one of America's oldest (and most exhilarating) playgrounds. As a young woman in the 21st century, views on sex and the traditions of dating and courting are changing rapidly," she continues. "I love being able to explore this topic in a way that will, I hope, encourage women my age to stand up for themselves. It's important to hold on to your values while still going after what you want.”


Watch below:

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