The enchanting Kylie Hughes leaves an indelible mark on the the kind of visceral pop which makes the greats great. On her new single Never Ever, her voice is lilting⎯a feathery and cutting delivery over a haunting piano and string arrangement. It's akin to Lana Del Rey's cinematic work but with a Taylor Swift-heavy syrup. Of course, she's not trying to be anyone but herself.

Popdust is beyond excited to exclusively drop the song's mesmerizing music video below. "I have been dumped and had my heart broken which can feel like being left at an altar," the singer shares with us of the video, which features striking shots of a forested landscape and Hughes dazzling in a wedding dress and tiara.

"There were promises which felt like broken vows, and I had to peel apart and then put my life back together, like divorce," she continues, "but in the end it's always their loss, and you probably dodged a bullet anyway for almost being with someone who didn't value you or fight for you. In the video I wanted to be very literal, ethereal and fashionable. I wanted an excuse to run through the woods in a wedding dress and wear tiaras for a day."

Never Ever is now available on iTunes.



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