Premiere⎯Merrily James Unpacks Her Heart & Soul With Debut 'Opia' EP

Brooklyn's own Merrily James loads her pop pistol and fires off five fervent rounds aimed directly at the heart. Her debut EP, titled simply Opia, details her strength as a storyteller -- a reckless and striking mural of her life in the city. There is plenty of depth and nuance to sink your teeth into with tracks like Sticky Fingers and Naked Pictures, glued together with a weighty vocal performance. The project, out today, is produced by Tommy Eichmann (Alex Winston) and Sanford Livingston (Arum Rae). Grant Zubritsky (MS/MR, Chet Faker) offered additional musical direction.

"'Opia' is inspired by my experiences of heartache, hope, and finding the courage to be vulnerable," she tells Popdust of the EP, which premieres in-full below. "The title 'Opia' refers to the intensity of looking someone straight in the eye, and facing life's challenges head-on. Lyrically, each song pulls from my personal experiences after first moving to New York City."

You can now grab James' Opia EP now on iTunes.


Listen now:

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