Premiere⎯The Chordaes 'Get The Feeling' In Their Brand New Lyric Video

New York's own The Chordaes are electrifying onstage, and the power-rock outfit bring that same level of urgency in their recorded music. Their single Get the Feeling, which samples their debut studio album Touch the Ground (out May 20), is a driving anthem declaring their love for another, even if the song remains particularly vague on the matter. Comprised of Leo Sawikin (lead singer, guitarist), Ethan Glenn (drums), Jesse Serrano (bass), and Max Ventura (keyboards), the band imagines a modern world stretched together with classic rock tones and melodic, sweeping pop vibrations. They aren't fitting in with anything; they are redefining everything.

"'Get The Feeling' is hard to describe because it's not really about a specific situation. It's just supposed to capture a state of being defined by confidence," Sawikin shares with Popdust of the song, the lyric video of which premieres exclusively below. "We wanted to create something that would infect people with that feeling without thinking too much."

The Get the Feeling clip follows the release of the title track's groovy music video early last year.



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