London-based Anna Pancaldi is preparing for the release of her third EP Sweet Charity on March 20th. Preceding the EP itself, she's officially releasing "Brother" tomorrow. The stripped back track—in the same vein as Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles and other piano pop songstresses of heartbreak past—has Pancaldi flexing her powerful voice using only a piano as accompaniment, which further highlights the crushing lyrics. Pancaldi has said that the deeply reflective track is her "most honest offering so far," and the music speaks to this sentiment in more ways than one.

Popdust is premiering the video for "Brother" before it's release, and the visuals are more than in line with the sad, powerful tune. Taking a page from fellow Londoner and empress of tugging people's heartstrings Adele, we see Pancaldi wreathed in black and white hues, sitting by a piano as she starts playing the track. Setting the stage for reflection, Pancaldi unleashes her tremulous, recognizable voice on the listener: "I saw you chasing rainbows without me."

Her voice drips with the sadness, longing, and undesired acceptance of losing someone extremely close, and the kinds of contradictions that causes inside a person. She sings of death, she sings of sunlight: "I felt your warmth, your rays around me / Brother, where have you gone from here?" It takes a true talent to convey so much with such simplicity, and Pancaldi is able to do so with all finesse, and a delicate touch. It's music for the broken, for the breaking, and for those learning to piece themselves back together.

Pancaldi is set to head on a country-wide tour of the U.K. on March 3rd; if the power lodged within the acoustic arrangement of "Brother" is any indication, she isn't a performer one can miss out on without feeling at least a little bit guilty.

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