Just how much does Carrie Underwood expect fans to be Blown Away by her fourth studio album? Well, look at that cover, for Pete's sake—she's basically Scarlett O'Hara standing over the scorched earth in a flowing dress, the planet's last surviving diva. She does not look like a woman intimidated by expectations, to say the least. We'll find out exactly what makes her so damn confident (and apocalyptic) on May 1, when she releases Blown Away, whose title and cover she revealed in piecemeal fashion on her website yesterday. The album will be produced by country superproducer and long-time Carrie collaborator Mark Bright.

The album is off to a good start with impressively rocking lead single "Good Girl," at #24 on the Hot 100 this week and still lingering around the iTunes top ten. This country can never go too long without having either a Carrie Underwood or a Taylor Swift album ruling their lives and VH1 and whatnot, so it's doubtful that May 1 will be able to get here fast enough.