Our current relationship with Britney Spears consists of admiring the emotional range of her facial expressions, as seen during the amazing, and occasionally terrible, performances on The X Factor. Having been given the responsibility of developing the raw talent of the underage contestants into potentially powerful forces strong enough to save the music industry, Britney's been quiet about her own musical projects. But the rookie judge revealed to Access Hollywood that new music is headed our way, during last night's filming of the Whitney Houston tribute concert in Los Angeles. "My new single is 'Scream and Shout,' with will.i.am and it's coming out soon," Britney told an excited Shaun Robinson ("I love will.i.am!," she replied, nearly clearing the red carpet entirely). Should we prepare for more technology references and spoken hashtags? Allow Britney do the best she can to make the upcoming song sound worth your time:

Well, it's just, um, you just have to hear it—you just have to hear it. He's just, like, a little radical genius just in the studio when he's in there and he knows what he's doing, so just being able to do a song with him is really fun.

So, um, yeah. We're excited, if only for Britney's (hopefully noticeable) presence. The song will be featured on will.i.am's album, #willpower, which also has a Justin Bieber collaboration. The disc was originally intended for an October 15 release, but has been pushed back to December 10–we're guessing the strategy here is to bide time by stuffing the project with enough major artists album buyers will forget it's even his.

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