We're still months away from the presidential primaries, and yet music is shaping up to play a larger role in the 2012 election than ever before, thanks to the magic of the Internet. Yesterday, some deep virtual digging uncovered Republican candidate Herman Cain's very own gospel album. (Yes, that would be a musical album.) As one might expect, there's a lot of religious imagery (the socially conservative businessman is running on the Republican ticket) as well a whole lot of talk about a guy named Jesus, so it might be a tough sell to the left-leaning listeners. But then again, as The Daily Caller so sensibly asks, "You may have heard Rebecca Black's 'Friday,' but have you heard Herman Cain's 'Sunday Morning'?" Can't argue with that logic. This discovery leaves the door open for Cain to revisit his musical roots and cover something more modern, or for Tim Pawlenty to put his fandom to the test and karaoke some Lady Gaga. With the incumbent's known love of Notorious B.I.G. and proven useful relationship with Justin Bieber (not to mention the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama is pals with Beyoncé and Common), as well as Mitt Romney's role as muse to the guys of LMFAO, come primary season, we should be able to judge each presidential hopeful based on his or her taste in music alone. Who cares about healthcare, employment or gay marriage? Let's stick to the important stuff.

Listen to Cain's vocal stylings below.